kitchen ingredients


Q: What do i need to use your kitchen?

A: All renters will need to do the following:

1) Complete a rental application with Ultimate Baker

2) Have a license from the King County Department of Health and/or WA Department of Agriculture and City License

3) Liability Insurance with min $500,000 naming JEKM Enterprises (dba Ultimate Baker) on the policy

Q: How are reservations determined?

A: We work on a first come basis with space prioritized for longer term renters first. We always keep some space for month to month tenants but these spots do go fast. Please see our rates page for more details.

Q: When do i pay?

A: Kitchen space needs to be reserved and paid for in advance to hold your space. Unfortunately we do not carry over unused time, so please plan your baking needs accordingly.

Q: Can i transfer my license from another county or business?

A: Each business needs a license to operate under our address. Please contact the State, County or City for more details in regards to licensing.

Q: Can i bring in my own food?

A: Of course, bring what you need to create your baked sensations. As a kitchen user you also have access to purchase our all-natural ingredients range supplied by Ultimate Baker at wholesale prices. We carry a large range of sugar, flour, food coloring, dusts, toppings and much more.

Please note that we take allergens very seriously, so please contact us in advance if you plan to bring any of the big 8 allergens into the facility and we can provide a segregated area for you to work.

Q: What about storage racks and freezer access?

A: We do provide access to walk in fridges, freezers and storage racks for your use. Storage and shelving are charged as additional items as most bakers are carry-out orientated.

Q: What about cleanup and dishwashers?

A: We provide commercial grade dishwasher and 3-compartment sinks for your use. Your site and surrounding needs to be cleaned and sanitized by you after each use to ensure we maintain an A-Grade facility for all our bakers. Any storage on shelves and freezers must be done in accordance with Health Department regulations.

Q: How many bakers can i bring with me?

A: We rent on a by-workstation basis and each workstation is limited to a maximum of two employees at any time. Additional workstations can be rented based upon availability.

Q: What about customer pickups?

A: We are not a retail shop so unless special arrangements are made, unfortunately we do not allow any retail customers to pick up your baked treats from our kitchen. 

Q: Do you offer event space?

We partner with Snowy River Cocktail Co in Madison Park for event space and mobile bartending services. Please contact them for more details on hosting a wedding or other corporate event.

Q:How do i get started?

A: Please contact us by sending a reservation submission form and we will send you an application pack. Please note that reservations are not final until all paperwork is completed.