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Here at Ultimate Baker we have a love of color and a deep love of food. So we combined our passions into one and thus created a company focused on creating unique beautifully colored food ingredients that can be used by bakers and cake decorators either in our own commissary kitchen or in their own. Our products are also available for private label so bakers can expand their own product offerings for their workshops, in-stores and via ecommerce.

Ultimate Baker offers a number of specialist services for our customers:

Natural Ingredients 

From naturally colored sugar, salt, flour, chocolate, pizza bases, xylitol to many other food groups, Ultimate Baker has the system, experience and passion to color them all - naturally! That's right, at the heart of our company is our all natural, fruit and veg based food colorant system. We don't use any synthetic or preservatives in our coloring, yet we still achieve the same vibrant colorful results. This way you know, that a Ultimate Baker product is allergen free, GMO-free, US Made, Kosher certified, and ready to serve or use in any food application.

Our natural ingredients are available for wholesale, commercial and private label accounts. Users of our commissary kitchen also have immediate access to use our products in their baking needs.

Commissary Kitchen

The Ultimate Baker commissary kitchen is conveniently located in Redmond, Washington to serve bakers and cake decorators in the Seattle market. We focus exclusively on kitchen facilities for this baking community with access to kitchen utilities, storage, freezers, free parking and Wi-FI and lots more. Our bakers also have access to our natural food ingredients plus can avail themselves of our social media marketing services.

More details on our kitchen rentals can be found here.

Private Label Programs

In this competitive market place, many bakers are gravitating to expanding their product lines with all natural private label products. Ultimate Baker is a licensed food processor in its own right with both the WA Department of Agriculture and FDA, its kosher certified, and experienced in creating specialty private label cake decorating products.

Importantly, Ultimate Baker is not a retail brand. We strive to be the brand behind the brand thus allowing our customers confidence to create great product under their own labels. Please select a service for more information: Wholesale     Private Label   Food Services.

Social Media Marketing

For many small bakers getting awareness of their products is a struggle. We can support this process through our relationship with Ultimate Baker who has an extensive social media following dedicated to those that love to baker. 

For those customers buying Ultimate Baker ingredients we can offer free marketing services based upon your spend. For other kitchen users or bakers we offer highly competitive rates to get your brand in front of thousands.

For more details on our social media marketing programs, please click here.


We trust you enjoy our services and we would be delighted to welcome you to our growing family of bakers and cake decorators.

We are your true food coloring partner!

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