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Wholesale - Bulk - Food Service also available.

Ultimate Baker all naturally colored salts add the perfect taste combination to any food, cocktail or beverage. From the first hint of our all natural kosher salt through to the amazing fruit and veg based coloring, Ultimate Baker salts add a fresh, natural taste and look to any meal, margarita or cocktail. The perfect meal is not complete until finished with Ultimate Baker all natural cocktail salt rimmers.

At the heart of our salt is the kosher salt itself, chosen for its flavor, texture and solubility. Importantly kosher salts are all natural and do not contain iodine thus ensuring a more delicate salt taste for cocktail and beverage application.

Ultimate Baker range of colored salts are available for wholesale, food service or private label programs. Buy either the standard color, or choose your colors and we can blend to make your own custom salt blends as well. If your are interested in purchasing smaller quantities then be sure to check out the huge range of cocktail salts offered by Snowy River Cocktails.

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