Private Label

Launch Your Own Label Backed By Ultimate Baker

We Manufacture and Ship under Your Label.

Ultimate Baker is dedicated to working behind the scenes either in a wholesale, bulk or private label capacity. This means that you can essentially add your own product label to any of our products and sell them any where you wish. That's right sell on your own website, on Amazon, on Walmart or anywhere you please with the confidence of a quality manufacturer behind you. Start with just one food group, or add multiple, its completely up to you.

There are some critical aspects to our private label program which makes it so popular for small and large accounts alike:

  1. Fully confidential private label program
  2. All prices at wholesale rates
  3. $500 minimum order quantity so you can start small and build over time
  4. Various packaging options for you to choose from
  5. Product shipping to your warehouse, to Amazon FBA or we can dropship on your behalf direct to your customers (small dropship fees apply).
  6. You have full control on the branding, logo and design you want
  7. Sell your products anywhere you wish

To get started with your private label program you will need to complete a Private Label signup form, choose your product, your packaging, set your design and then let us do the rest. It really is that simple!

Please contact us today for more information on private label opportunities - a great way to build your brand and your business.


Wholesale Application Form


Private Label FAQ's

Q) What about FDA label regulations?

Ultimate Baker is experienced in creating food labels. We can provide guidance every step of the way in terms of ingredients, label requirements, allergen statements etc to ensure your labels are not only compliant but look amazing.

Q) What if I need a logo?

Under a private label program we put your name/logo on every product. Ultimate Baker name is not shown on any product or shipping label. So if you have an existing logo great, if not you can work with your own designer or alternatively we will provide you 30+ designs to choose from for only $499.

Q) What about label designs?

Once you have your logo and an idea of the type of labels you want, then you can work with whichever designer you choose to develop the labels. We will provide the label specifications (size) to ensure they fit on your packaging. So you can go as elaborate or as simple as you wish - it's your product! 

Q) I don't have a warehouse, how do i manage inventory?

That's fine, we can either manufacture and ship to an Amazon FBA warehouse on your behalf or we can store your product in our facility and dropship under your shipping label to your customers. Naturally all products needs to be ordered and paid for in advance, at which point we will manufacture and store product for you. Depending on the amount of product ordered, there is a minimum monthly storage fee of $49.95 and a dropship fee of $0.75 (per order) to cover the cost of boxes and labor time to ship each item. Naturally if product is being shipped directly to you then none of these fees apply.

Q) How many food items can i choose?

You can start with as little as 1 Sku or 100. It really is up to you how you want to launch your private label program. Additional skus can be added at any time.

Q) What are the total costs?

Ultimate Baker loves working with small business and so our program is geared to allow small businesses to get started with minimal investment. Our program is designed so you pay real wholesale prices for the food groups you select and then you simply add your packaging/label costs. Our prices are designed to allow you to be price competitive.

Q) Who sets the retail price for the items?

Under our private label program YOU do! We simply manufacture on your behalf and apply your label. How you decide to market your products, the prices you set, where you sell and all other business aspects are up to you.

Q) I've never run my own brand before, how do i do this?

Here at Ultimate Baker, we want all our customers to be successful. So we are happy to provide initial guidance and ideas to help you on your way. If you are interested in more of a monthly advisory service then please contact us directly.