Kitchen Rental Information

commissary kitchen for rent

Ultimate Baker Commissary Kitchen is a dedicated baking and cake decorating kitchen. This means we gear our kitchen and equipment to those looking to do cakes, desserts, macarons, pastries and lots more. We are home to lots of small bakers on the East-Side who are looking for a clean, professional, and licensed commercial kitchen.

Our kitchen can be rented by the half or full-day and as many days a week as you need subject to availability. You can choose to book a month at a time or reserve your space for up to 6 months.

*In addition to kitchen rental, Ultimate Baker makes available a large range of naturally colored ingredients at wholesale prices. All items for sale on this website are either available or may be preordered for your use. Plus for those bakers looking to build their business, we also provide a compelling monthly social media program to get your products in front of literally thousands of potential customers. See our marketing services page for more details.


Our daily rates are as follows to rent one 30”D x 60″L x 36”H preparation table. Space is limited to a maximum of 2 employees only per work table plus we limit the total number of bakers present onsite at any given time to ensure easy access to kitchen facilities. Shelving and fridge/freezer storage is available for additional fees based upon time of usage.

1) For Drop-In Usage

Our kitchen is available for drop-in usage throughout the month subject to availability and minimums based upon the following rates:

ScheduleTimesHours Per DayDrop-In Day Rate
Half-Day Rental6am – Noon or Noon – 6pm (Minimum of 12 hours a month)6$145/day
Full Day Rental6am – 6pm
(Minimum of 12 hours a month)
Hourly RentalAnytime available
(minimum of 12 hours a month.)

For hourly rental only 1 person is allowed during this time in the kitchen.

2) For Permanent Monthly Rentals

For those needing more regular time to decorate or bake, then we recommend our Permanent rental schedule which allows you the flexibility to do as much or as little as you need. Our permanent rentals are based upon the following rates:

ScheduleAllocationTotal Hours Per MonthMonthly Rate
Up to 12 hrs per week per month2 Person table space with oven availability48$500/Month
Up to 24 hrs per week per month2 Person table space with oven availability96$900/Month
Up to 36 hrs per week per monthPermanent reserved space for 2 Person table space with oven availability144$1300/Month

All applicants are required to pay a $100 non-refundable application fee and one month’s rental as a security bond. All one-off rentals are subject to a minimum $300 rental per month. This can either be consecutive days or spread over a month.

For longer-term rentals, your space and dedicated workstation position is guaranteed for up to 6 months at a time with the payment of the first and last months of the estimated rental. You can vary your rental at any time to suit your needs subject to availability.

All users of our kitchen must provide documentation of license from the King County Department of Health and/or the Washington State Dept of Agriculture and must have a food handlers permit on file with us and on their possession at all times when using the kitchen. Insurance is also required as per our application guide.


To get started please give us a call or send an initial expression of interest via our reservation page. We will then send an application form and basic term agreement for your review. Our updated Terms can be seen here.

Please complete the application with a copy of your insurance, pay your application fee and bond, and attach any required licenses for the State, County and City. Please see our FAQ page for more guidance and please note that license approval with the State and/or County make take several weeks.

Once all this is completed, we will set your reservation times and you are now able to start using the kitchen during your designated times.

We welcome any questions and we look forward to you joining our family of bakers!