about ultimate baker kitchen


Here at Ultimate Baker we have a love of color and a deep love of food. So we combined our passions into one and thus created a company focused on creating unique beautifully colored food ingredients that can color any environment – the home kitchen, the bakery, a bar or restaurant, a party event or even for corporate events. 

We then took that passion and opened our own Commissary Kitchen dedicated to bakers and cake decorators in Redmond, Washington. Here we can make our natural ingredients available to all our bakers at exceptional prices and allow them to decorate with new colorful blends.

That’s right, at the heart of our company is our all natural, fruit and veg based food colorant system. We don’t use any synthetic or preservatives in our coloring, yet we still achieve the same vibrant colorful results. This way you know, that an Ultimate Baker product is allergen free, GMO-free, US Made, Kosher certified, and ready to serve or use in any food application.

Importantly, Ultimate Baker is the brand behind the brand thus allowing our customers confidence to create great products under their own labels backed with our extensive social media marketing programs. If you would like to check out some of our retail brands then please go to Ultimate Baker or Snowy River Cocktails

So whether you want to use our kitchen or just purchase amazing products for your own private label or bakery, Ultimate Baker is here to help. We are your true food coloring partner!