Dedicated Baking Commissary Kitchen

ultimate commissary kitchen for bakers

The premier baking kitchen for cake decorators, bakers and food businesses.

Ultimate Baker Commissary Kitchen is a dedicated baking and cake decorating kitchen. This means we gear our kitchen and equipment to those looking to do cakes, desserts, macarons, pastries and lots more. We are home to lots of small bakers on the East-Side who are looking for a clean, professional, and licensed commercial kitchen.

Our kitchen can be rented by the half or full-day and as many days a week as you need subject to availability. You can choose to book a month at a time or reserve your space for up to 6 months. Importantly, we are registered under the King County Health Dept and are available for bakers looking for both retail and Wholesale application (WA Dept of Agriculture).

Cake decorating ingredients including sprinkles, cookie cutters, food coloring, decorating sugars and other items are also available onsite for purchase or you can go online at Ultimate Baker and order what you need.

“Everything I need to bake, decorate and run classes”

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